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State not to insist on original driving licence till Tuesday

Two Wheeler License

The State Transport Department has directed all Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) not to sign up two-wheeler cars within the name of unauthorized folks, who don’t have legitimate riding license. The move has apparently been taken to lessen avenue accidents. Instructions had been issued to all RTOs, thru around dated August 24.

The RTOs will now meet automobile dealers district-smart and instruct them to are looking for license on the time of promoting and also connect a copy of it while sending motors for registration. A delivery legitimate said this rule might be enforced on two-wheelers to begin with. “It could be tough to insist license on those shopping motors, as they might rent those who are licensed to power,” the reliable said. Another motive for insisting on motorcycles, the reliable stated, is primarily based at the fact that over 20 according to cent of two-wheelers worried in injuries, in particular in rural areas, are pushed with the aid of unlicensed people. In the larger picture, officers say they want to hold responsible dealers and proprietors for injuries because of those riding without license.

As according to segment five (chapter) of Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it’s miles the responsibility of proprietors of motor cars now not to permit those without license to force the vehicle. “As according to the regulation, sellers and proprietors are indirectly liable for accidents due to individuals who must not trip,” the legitimate stated. Responding to this, M R Krishnan, deputy director, Consumer Association of India, stated he turned into no longer sure how some distance it would be powerful to slash injuries.

He recalled that this step is in keeping with the amendments to Motor Vehicles Act, which has accelerated penalties for those permitting unauthorized humans to drive vehicles. The proposed penalty has been hiked to `five, 000 from `1,000. This today’s step comes after making it mandatory to carry original license from Step 1. This has evoked worries amongst a segment of drivers. “Accidents are simplest because of awful roads, motorway crossings, overloading and other reasons. In what way will sporting original license assist? Instead, it’s going to handiest inspire RTOs and police to wield extra powers,” said R Sugumar, president, TN Lorry Owners Federation.

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