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Actor Lawrence Raghavendra


Actor Lawrence Raghavendra (born 9 January 1976) is an Indian choreographer who has also appeared in films as an actor, director, composer and playback singer. After making his debut as a choreographer in 1993, he began looking for acting opportunities. He began his career as an actor in 1998, in a Telugu film, aged 22.

Lawrence had brain tumor when he was a child and rarely went to school. He got cured after his mother went to a temple of Raghavendra Swami and Lawrence strongly believes that it was Raghavendra Swami who cured him of his tumour.He was working as a car cleaner for fight master Super Subbarayan. Rajinikanth saw him dancing and helped him to join the Dancers Union. Chiranjeevi offered him the job of choreographing the dances for Hitler.After that he acted in 2 Tamil films as hero and those films also flopped. Director K. Balachander invited him to act in his 100th film Parthale Paravasam. He got his breakthrough with the Muni film series.

Born 9 January 1976 (age 39)
Chennai, India
Occupation Film actor, Film Director, Dancer,Choreographer, Music Composer and Philanthropist
Years active 1993 – present (Choreographer)

1998 – present (Actor)

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