Actor Manobala


Actor Manobala is a Tamil director, producer and comedian actor who predominantly plays supporting roles. Manobala has directed 40 films, 16 television serials and 3 tele-films during his career as a director. As an actor, he made his debut acting in the film Thai Maaman. His latest Tamil movie Aambala. He had appeared in more than 175 films.
Those in the Tamil film industry and outside are well aware of the initial bonding between Kamal Haasan and Manobala, and are also aware that the duo stopped talking to one another after an issue that took place at the Directors Union.
He appears skinny and comical and this appearance is just enough to make people laugh when he shows up on the screen.

Born Manobala Mahadevan
Marungur, coimbatore, India
Occupation Actor, Director

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