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Actor Thengai Srinivasan


Actor Thengai Srinivasan (1937 – 1988) was an Indian actor and popular comedian, who appeared in Tamil-language films in the 1970s and early 1980s. Srinivasan’s father was an artist who staged several plays and it was his influence which stimulated Srinivasan’s interest in an acting career.

Actor Thengai Srinivasan first feature film was the mystery thriller Oru Viral in 1965. Srinivasan mostly enacted the role of a comedian or a sidekick. In 1987, Srinivasan produced the film Krishnan Vandhaan with Sivaji Ganesan in the lead. The film did not fare well and got him into deep financial trouble.

Born Srinivasan
21 October 1937
Tamil Nadu, India
Died 9 November 1988 (aged 51)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Other names Thengai Seenivasan
Occupation Actor, comedian
Years active 1965–1988
Spouse(s) Lakshmi
Children Geetha, Rajeswari, Shivshankar
Relatives Yogi (grandson)
Shruthika (granddaughter)

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