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Differences between traditional and candid Videographers in Chennai

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When we discuss the types of wedding videography styles adopted by Videographers in Chennai, there are mainly two types. Traditional wedding videography is all about chronicling and capturing the photographs by asking for poses. Candid wedding videography is far more different than wedding photographic portraits as it captures the images in a natural form and thus adding an essence of reality.

Videographers in Chennai

Both of these videography styles has their own aspects in terms of taking the shots. Each of them is suitable for a wedding and holds their own individual importance and time in which it could be shot. Now let’s discuss the main differences between both of these videography styles in Chennai.

Appearance and positioning of the photographs in traditional and candid wedding Videographers in Chennai:
The main difference between the traditional and candid wedding videography is the way in which the subjects are positioned and the main appearance of the photographs. Best Wedding Videographers in Chennai like Impress Stills Studio capture the images on the go.

They never interfere the activities and click photographs of the activities that are happening in real time. Due to this type of capturing technique, the photographs looks natural. On the other hand, traditional videography is basically done using the preassigned props, style and is staged. A traditional photographer always asks the subjects to pose for the image. Due to this style of videography one can easily know that the photographs are staged.

The basic appearance of the outcome photographs is totally different from each other. Wedding Videography provides photographs that are informal and sometimes, you will feel that it is clicked by a nonprofessional. But candid wedding videography is meant to provide informal pictures to present the real essence of the wedding day.
Traditional wedding videography will provide you with classic wedding photographs. They always click the guest and couples by directing them for a perfect pose. Most of the times, people tend to hire both types of photographers because both of these videography styles holds their merits as well as demerits.

Equipment used in both type of videography:

The other difference between traditional and Wedding Videography is the equipment used to capture the images. Very less number of equipment are used in candid wedding videography. Best candid Videographers in Chennai always has the latest camera and lens. They never use backdrops, lights, Tripods etc. as these photographers stay in the background.

Traditional wedding photographers basically carry all equipment with themselves so that they could take the perfect photographs by generating ideal conditions. They always carry huge lights, tripods, different cameras, backgrounds etc.

The last difference between the traditional and candid wedding videography in chennai is of charges. Both of the photographers are professional wedding photographers but generally, traditional wedding photographers cost more than the candid photographers because of the equipment and handling.
You can easily find the best candid and traditional Videographers in Chennai. All of them are available online these days.

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